Engineering &  Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

Who We Are

We Emineotech Engineering and Consultancy services is a private limited company established in 2014 under the Indian Company Act. Since then the company is involved in the business of construction, mining and consultancy services.

The company provided consultancy and services to Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd, the 100% owned subsidiary of M/S. CIMIC Group from Australia, for the period of 2014 to 2019 

The company also executed mining work for M/S KMML chavara in a Joint Venture with M/s ABM civil Ventures in 2014.

We assist private organizations to improve its efficiency, market position, long term sustainability, etc. We work with our Clients in a collaborate way to find solutions for their business needs to build an enduring organisation and sustainable business.  We help organisations to embrace new technologies and tools, which can give a unique market position to any adaptive organisation. We also help organisations in business  “Turn arounds”  or “ Trouble Shooting” by Business Process Re-Engineering. We are building the future for our clients.    



Transform Individuals, Communities, Organisations and Enterprises by unlocking full potentials and subsequently achieving respective Goals.

  • Establish  culture of “Strive For Excellence”

  • Fearlessly question Status Quos

  • Adopt Best Industry Practices and Systems

  • Embrace Innovation and Creativity

  • Adopt a “Zero Tolerance Policy” on unethical Practices